Paradise Palms strives to provide the highest quality retaining walls.  We use only the highest quality products, with installation by well-trained employees.  With a Certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installer on staff, we have the experience and dedication to make a difference to you - the homeowner.  

Using a retaining wall can help to unify your landscape and add important, beautiful architecture to your backyard. Retaining wall construction can take the form of stone walls, sitting walls and brick walls.  While each option has different benefits and aesthetics, our qualified staff will help you decide which form and materials will work best for your yard.
In addition to soil retention, retaining walls can be built to complement your existing patio.  Retaining walls can also help section off parts of your garden or outdoor living spaces. 
In addition to their beauty, block retaining walls are all proven methods of making elevation changes safer and adding high quality, long lasting architectural elements to your landscape.    If your current retaining walls require repair, we can also create a retaining wall repair solution that will help keep your landscape beautiful and functional for longer. ​

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